Stream Info

Returns information about a particular stream.

Note: visit Overview for an overview of streams.

In the response,

  • The crossPod field indicates whether the stream is External or Internal.

  • The origin field indicates the origin of the room: INTERNAL (created by a user of the calling user's company) or EXTERNAL (created by a user of another company). Only applies to chatrooms with External scope.

  • The active field indicates whether the stream is active or inactive. An IM/MIM is inactive if at least one of the participants is a deactivated user. A room is inactive if it has been deactivated by an owner or an administrator.

  • lastMessageDate states when the last message sent in that stream. The time is in epoch format.

  • streamType can be IM (1-1 instant message), MIM (multi-party instant message, deprecated), ROOM, or POST (user profile wall posts).

  • For IMs, MIMs, and walls, streamAttributes contains the members array with userIds of participants. In the case of wall posts, there is only one participant (the user whose wall it is).

  • For rooms, roomAttributes contains the name of the room. To get the participants of the room, call the Room Members endpoint.

  • If the stream is IM/MIM or rooms with discoverableset as "false", the caller needs to have the VIEW_ANY_STREAM_DETAILS privilege. Refer to Bot Permissions for a list of roles and associated privileges.

📘 Note - Groups

Since 20.14, please note that the object groups has been added in the roomAttributes object only if at least a Group has been added to the room. It is an array containing:

  • id attribute: ID of the Group,

  • addedBy: ID of the user who added the Group to the room

See Groups for more information.

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