Accept Connection

Accept the connection request from a requesting user.

This endpoint allows the user to accept a specific connection request. To define which connection request is to be accepted, the userId of the user who initiated the connection request must be included in the body.

📘 Note

Pods from all users involved need to have crossPod enabled between them.

📘 Accepted Connections

For users of the same private pod who are implicitly connected, this endpoint returns the connection with status of "Accepted".

Connection Behaviour

Currently, there are four possible connection status:

  • PENDING_INCOMING: The specified user requested to connect with the calling user.

  • PENDING_OUTGOING: The calling user requested to connect with the specified user.

  • ACCEPTED: The two users are connected.

  • REJECTED: The two users are not connected.

The following table shows the connection current behaviors:

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