API Reference - 22.11


Federation Swagger file


Federation public APIs

API for Symphony Federation Services (SFS) MicroService (MS) Admin
This API provides endpoints that manage different aspects of the WECHAT, WHATSAPP, SMS federated services, referred to below as "external networks".

WhatsApp interactive message templates

Access the Symphony developer documentation on WhatsApp interactive message templates at: https://symphony-1.gitbook.io/federation/v/interactive-template/

Contact preferred language

Once enabled for an external network, the contact preferred language can be set and updated for users through the customer endpoint dedicated to contact management.
The list of supported preferred languages is based on Meta's Supported Languages list, available at https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/api/messages/message-templates/#supported-languages-.
In this list, each valid language name is associated with a language code. The convention we use for setting the contact preferred language is full language names from the list, for example, French, German, Japanese, etc. Language name options including a code between parentheses are written with an underscore instead of parentheses, for example, English_UK, Chinese_CHN, Chinese_TAI.
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